FAS - Careers Directions

1. Make a list of areas I am interested in working in after school

2. Research these areas by doing some of the following:

- Try to get work experience in these areas

- Talk to people working in these areas

- Find out more about these careers on the internet

- Talk to my guidance counsellor

3. Check what type of courses I should study to work in my areas of interest

4. Find out where I can study these courses

Applying for College

6. Pick the right Leaving Certificate subjects. Make sure I have the specific subject requirements for any course I am interested in

Applying for College

8. Talk to other Deaf/hard of hearing students who have been to college: contact DS3 to get in touch with someone

9. Check out the college websites and look at some of the following events:

- Open Days: Most colleges have open days

- Better Options: College fair for students with disabilities

-Higher Options: College Fair in the RDS

Applying for College

Check out DARE

Start My Application