Applying for College

DS3 4U

..Shadow days - Spend the day shadowing a student already in college. This is a great way to see what college is really like and explore a course you are interested in studying.

Career days - The careers day is a great chance to hear from deaf graduates about what jobs they are doing and how they got there. Usually hosted every second year (depending on numbers).

Peer Mentoring - Do you know what supports are available in college? Are you worried about how you might access lectures? Or how you might manage college life? The best people to answer these questions are those who have been there before. DS3 can put you in touch with someone in college.

CAO Advice - Advice on completing the CAO DARE application. We know how complex it can get so if you need a hand give us a shout!

..Summer School – The annual DS3 Summer School for students starting college is held every summer. This is a chance to meet new people, learn about the supports available in college and overall help make the transition from 2nd to 3rd level easier. This is held after the Leaving Cert exams.

Peer Mentoring – There are a number of deaf/hard of hearing students in colleges around Ireland. You are definitely not the only one. Through the DS3 network you can connect with other students, see if there is anyone doing a similar course and can offer some tips.

Advice for college – Are you enjoying college and do you feel you are managing your course? Are you getting the support you need and if not why? If you have any queries about support services then DS3 is here to advise you.